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Strategic Policy Toolkit

The Strategic Policy Toolkit is an online resource which provides easy access to essential policy guidance. The system saves time while allowing policy officers in public service to follow a robust process and learn key lessons from other policy projects.

Coordination Committee on Innovation (CCI) Best Practice Guide to Evaluation of Science and Innovation Initiatives

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The Coordination Committee on Innovation (CCI) Evaluation Working Group aims to improve the understanding of science and innovation program and policy evaluation across the CCI network and to identify ways to improve integration and consistency of evaluation nationally.

The Coordination Committee on Innovation (CCI) Best Practice Guide to Evaluation of Science and Innovation Initiatives describes the common principles that should be considered in the evaluation of a science or innovation initiative. It is intended to provide guidance on the development, monitoring and conduct of a science or innovation evaluation rather than mandate agency evaluation methodologies and activities.

The Evaluation Working Group has also developed a resource to disseminate work relating to science and innovation policy and program evaluation. It includes local and international reports and publications of interest, reports and findings on performance and measurement as well as other information gathered from events and workshops. For access to this resource please contact the Secretariat.

For further information please contact secretariat.innovationsystems@innovation.gov.au

Exploring the future: tools for strategic futures thinking

Foresight’s Horizon Scanning Centre endeavours to help the UK government think systematically about the future.

The link below is to the Horizon Scanning Centre’s toolkit: Exploring the future: Tools for strategic thinking. It is designed for people who use, or would like to use, futures thinking and analysis to make better decisions today.

The toolkit offers ideas and suggestions for ways to approach futures projects.

The tools are listed on the lefthand side and include Visioning, Issues Trees, Narratives and other techniques:


Business consultation website

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The Business Consultation Website (BCW) was launched in 2007. It is an easy way to reach stakeholders and seek their feedback on business-related policy and regulation.

Businesses, associations and those with an interest in business specify their interest to be consulted through the BCW. They can then either register to have their details supplied to departments/agencies or be notified by email when relevant consultations are posted on the BCW.

The Australian Tax Office noted…

“For over two years, the BCW complements our current consultation processes and allows us to reach a wide audience. The site is simple to use, and we have submitted over 85 consultations – so far 4,200 registered businesses and associations have viewed the ATO posted consultations via BCW.”


Introduction to Strategy and Delivery Division’s project methodology – Scoping

A focus on scoping is important for PM&C’s Strategy and Delivery Division, to make sure we are asking the right question, and solving the right problem.

Scoping SDD Projects – Part I Overview SPN

Scoping SDD Projects – Part II Issues Trees SPN

The Framework of Principles for Innovation Initiatives

The Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research working with the Commonwealth, State and Territory Council on Innovation (CSTACI) created The Framework of Principles of Innovation Initiatives in 2009. Minister Carr announced the whole-of-government agreement and adoption of the framework in December 2009. The Framework has been adopted by the Australian, State and Territory Governments to guide policy development for innovation initiatives. It has been designed to enhance consistency and improve the overall accessibility and efficiency of government innovation initiatives across Australia.

The Australian Government’s innovation agenda Powering Ideas, charged the Commonwealth, State and Territory Advisory Council on Innovation (CSTACI) with working to get the Framework adopted and implemented Australia-wide.

Framework of Principles for Innovation Initiatives Brochure

For more information on the Framework please contact Secretariat.InnovationSystems@innovation.gov.au

Evaluation Strategy

DIAC’s strategy to build their capacity to conduct effective evaluations to support program management and inform decision making.

DIAC Evaluation Strategy 2010-13

A guide for using statistics for evidence based policy

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A guide produced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to support evidence based policy development.

Statistics_Evidence Based Policy

Developing and presenting policy

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A presentation by the Australian National University providing some key considerations around policy communication.

Developing and presenting policy

Using evidence and managing stakeholders

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A presentation by the Australian National University outlining key policy considerations; particularly using data and analysis to create an evidence-base, as well as providing a summary of the role of stakeholder engagement in regards to policy evaluation.

Using evidence and managing stakeholders

Policies and programs

A presentation by the Australian National University providing a useful outline of policy considerations; particularly policy context, implementation and evaluation.

Policies and programs